5 Things That Made Me Swoon This Week


Ok dolls, so if you have followed anything about my branding for the past decade, you know that I’m obsessed with black and white… and pink.  But, black and white as the foundation of my swoon.  Damask or swirls or anything like that is also high up there on my list, and was mostly what our wedding was decorated in.  So when I was shopping for some new mirrors to go on either side of our guestbed, I almost fell out of my chair when I found these fabulous ones.  I’m still waiting to paint our guestroom, but I can’t wait to get these up on the wall and out of the boxes they are patiently waiting for me to tear open and enjoy their beauty.  They are pretty big, 36″x36″ size, but it’s all about making a big impact, right? You can order them here from Lampsplus.com!Black-White-Damask-Mirror


I officially found myself in a cartoon.  Big brunette hair, big sunglasses, poofy skirt, and hot pink lipstick. Yep, this chick is pretty much my mini-me.  She graces you on this pillow, but she comes on all sorts of goodies like a shower curtain, note cards, a clock and more. I need to buy her, but I can’t quite decide yet how I want her to grace my home.  She also has many sisters and you must might find your own mini-me in the bunch.  Just sayin’.  You can check her and her sisters out here from this awesome illustrator!Little-Black-Dress-Pillow


So I am NOT into the whole concept of hunting.  I’m too much of an animal lover to ever voluntarily kill one, and then to proudly hang it on my wall? #IDontGetIt Though I’ve never understood the sport, I kind of swooned when I saw this blinged out rhinestone encrusted antler head. And even better, on a hot pink wall.  I mean, give me a sparkly treasure hunt any day of the week. That’s myyyyyy kind of huntin’.  They have them in all kinds of colors, so if you’re into the antler thing, your walls are asking you to get this here!Rhinestone-Antler-Head


So even though I’m not into huntin’ animals, I’m all about faux fur, and one fur or pattern I’m kind of obsessed with is cheetah or leopard.  I have a Juicy Couture cheetah purse, cheetah sandals, faux fur cheetah jacket, cheetah bracelet, cheetah rug in my office… So yeah, when I saw this cheetah chandelier, I totally swooned.  If only I had somewhere to put it right now.  Might need to find an excuse to redecorate… again.  You can get it here!Cheetah-Lamp-Chandelier


I was looking online for a pink headboard for a possible idea I had for a client’s new room makeover, and from it, I ran across this adorable girl’s room.  I pretty much love everything about this room from the color scheme, to the pink velvet headboard and match ottoman, to the faux frames wallpaper, to the mirror, to the fur rug, to the damask (see #1) comforter.  If I could go back and relive my teen girl bedroom days, this is totally how I would have decorated my room!  But I have to say, if I could change one thing about this room, I am bored by the choice of chandelier, perhaps the cheetah chandelier above would be an awesome accent?  You can get the whole bed herePink-Parisian-Girls-Room

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