5 Things That Made Me Swoon This Week


Ok, so I’m sorry I’m not sorry to admit that I just don’t get into holiday decorating other than Christmas.  I mean, Christmas IS my birthday afterall (yes, the exact day), so that’s the holiday I go all out with decor.  But Halloween… and the whole Harvesty-Thanksgiving thing… eh… not a huge fan.  I know, I should be, I feel like I’m a bad Decor Diva for not being a crafty holiday decor lover, but, I’d rather wait to overload on all things sparkly during the Christmas season.  However, every now and then I run across something darling such as this cool idea for displaying widdle baby pumpkins.  I admit, those widdle baby pumpkins have a soft spot in my anti-holiday decor heart.  More so the white ones… I mean, those white ones are just darling and need some glitter glued on them or something.  This week I swooned over this display I want to recreate with these glass jar displays from One Kings Lane.  Recreate this look on your countertops by shopping these glass canisters for your holiday displays here.



So I have a white fluffy #poodlechild which means I pretty much automatically love any white fluffy home decor. Whether it’s a faux lambskin rug beneath my toes, or this new luxe fur armchair from Anthropologie I’m kind of majorly swooning over.



It seems like all of a sudden I’m seeing Greek Key patterns everywhere in all things home decor, and I’m totally swooning over it.  I particularly am swooning over this light barely there pattern in this wallpaper from Jonathan Adler to add a touch of dimension to a room.  And I would normally think the same pattern rug would be overkill, but it just works with Greek Key as seen in this photo below.


Dolls, I’m not normally one to add salt ‘n pepper to my meals, but this gold stripe and polka dot salt ‘n pepper shaker set from Kate Spade made my jaw drop this week when I discovered it!  I mean, could they be any cuter?


These days I seriously have a anti-paper mail relationship with my mailbox.  I would much rather everything be sent by email.  So much easier to keep track of and less clutter.  For this reason, I usually toss most catalogs I didn’t sign up for in the mail because I don’t have the patience to flip through them.  But then the heavens parted and this shiny gold themed catalog from Target showed up in my hands when checking the mail one day, and I immediately knew my next “let me just go run in for toothpaste” moment would evolve into “and pick up a few of these gold home decor items”.  Ahhhhh… Target is such a #dangerzone!

2 Comments on 5 Things That Made Me Swoon This Week

  1. Laura Dunn
    October 16, 2014 at 7:15 pm (3 years ago)

    I’m with you on all the gold accessories at Target. I bought a stapler just because it was gold. I don’t have anything to staple…

    • Scarlett
      October 16, 2014 at 7:16 pm (3 years ago)

      LOL, I’ve thought the same thing. I’ve almost bought the gold stapler, but then I keep hesitating because I really don’t have anything to staple. ha ha


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