A Pop Of Color

Mom and I often have the argument about the use of color.  When she dresses herself, she believes the whole outfit should be the same color.  Same color top, bottom, sunglasses, shoes.  For me, I believe in colors coordinating, or having that single pop of color.  To each is own when it comes to fashion, but when it comes to rooms, I also love rooms that have that bold pop of color.

Tell me in the comments below, what’s your happy color in a room?  For me, it’s obviously pink, but being that I do have a husband I have to compromise with, I have to be careful that not oversaturate my decor in pink like most of my Pinterest lends its self to.  I’m trying more and more to coordinate other colors with pink, and just have that right pop of it in a room.  Gray walls for him, pink orchids for me. It’s all about finding that right balance.

Here’s some rooms I love that successfully pull off a pop of color!

eclectic-home-office Green-Baroque-Armchair
purple-couch teal-chair


Inspiration Images from Haven & Home, ElleDesire To Inspire, If It’s Not Baroque, Nuestra Vida Dolce.

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