It’s that feeling I get when walking into a Z Gallerie or West Elm.  A euphoric floating on cloud 9 like a little piece of Heaven just opened up.

It’s that feeling I get when walking into a Z Gallerie or West Elm.  A euphoric floating on cloud 9 like a little piece of Heaven just opened up, and in my mind, I have an unlimited budget to add to/change up/redecorate every room of my house.  I carefully study what’s new, how it’s used, what it coordinates with on display, how it’s combined in ways I wouldn’t have thought of myself.  For that moment in time, I’m living my inner decorator’s dream and my home is full of endless new possibilities.

After 7 years traveling the world with my husband as a wedding photographer, I was craving to turn my creative gifts in another direction, and tap into another passion of mine… home decor.  After styling and selling two of our own homes in as quickly as 5 days, and then 4 days, within 6 months of each other, I began to joke with others, “I just might have a career in styling homes to sell quickly,” and I found they were agreeing.  Most importantly, I realized I have so much fun doing it!

And from that, and everyone else I know telling me I needed to get into interior decorating, “The Decor Diva” was born…. Now, I look forward to the opportunity to help you style YOUR home! Whether you need help furnishing a new home, or craving an updated look, I’m here to help  you wherever you are through my virtual styling services, which you can find out more about here!  While I specialize in ultra girly glamour, I can cater to a range of design styles to bring out your unique personality. I’m up for any creative challenge and can work with any budget in any location, and can’t wait to help you create a home you love walking into. Because after all, where you live should be your little slice of Heaven too.


Want to know where I got everything in the photo above?  Here’s the shopping list!





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