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Be Back Soon!

Oh my gosh, I have to pack up my office and move it to a new place because I have a new home to decorate! With the new month brings new changes and this weekend the hubby and I are packing up and moving again for what hopefully will be the last time this year… and […] Read more…


The Comparison Game.

As I prepared this blog behind the scenes last month, I hinted on my Facebook that I was getting ready to launch something new.  Knowing it must look like I have career A.D.D. sometimes, as I nervously made the choice to try yet another thing now as a home styler, one of my church friends […] Read more…


Taking The Mask Off.

In any path to success lecture, you might hear the words “Fake it til you make it.”  I’ve never understood the dishonesty in that.  I would rather succeed being true to who I am instead of succeed hiding behind a mask.  Yet, I still find that others have a perception of me that is so […] Read more…


“S” Days

With my favorite boys, my husband, Stephen, and my poodle child, Rhett, sharing ice cream from a food truck. My husband and I have started a new tradition called “S” days.  It kind of got started b/c we’ve always called ourselves “S&S” for Scarlett & Stephen. It usually consists of a lot of “sun, surf, & […] Read more…


Needing courage to be courageous.

A huge topic on my heart these past few months has been… courage.  It’s easy in the social media world to get caught up in thinking everyone has their act together, everyone is so ballsy to put themselves out there, to compare our behind the scenes mess with everyone’s highlights reels, and to appear much […] Read more…


Ok, Let’s Do This!

Hi dolls!  After a much needed long break to explore the depths of my heart about “what’s next?,” I’m excited to announce that I’m back to blogging at this brand new virtual home! Thanks for stopping by today, I’m so excited to have you here to see what I’ve been working on behind the scenes the […] Read more…


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