Memphis Master Bedroom Makeover

Amy & Bill just made a huge move from Jacksonville to Memphis, and Amy felt overwhelmed with decorating decisions on how to create a relaxing space for their new master bedroom.  She wasn’t in love with furniture choices they made when they got married, but she didn’t want to buy a whole new bed, so she […] Read more…


A Pop Of Color

Mom and I often have the argument about the use of color.  When she dresses herself, she believes the whole outfit should be the same color.  Same color top, bottom, sunglasses, shoes.  For me, I believe in colors coordinating, or having that single pop of color.  To each is own when it comes to fashion, […] Read more…


5 Things That Made Me Swoon This Week

1. SMITTEN BY A SKIRT Y’all, I’ve never been sooooo excited over a piece of clothing in my life.  Ok, maybe the time I bought a hot pink froo froo Betsey Johnson dress for my bridal shower.  And my first pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.  But a new skirt arrived in the mail to top […] Read more…


Polka Dot Walls

In our last house, I had an awesome gold and silver foil polka dot wallpaper in our guest bathroom, and I’m determined to bring polka dots back.  I’ve been debating whether to create a polka dot wall in our guestroom next. Our guestroom has been through a few makeovers over the years, from damask tempaper to plain […] Read more…


Tufted Sofas For Less

Ok so you know that feeling when you see something in a store/online/in a catalog, and you are all like “OMG I need/want/have to have this!”  Then you scroll over to the pricetag, and your heart sinks because there is just no way you can afford to pay that many zeros for what that item […] Read more…


Ok, Let’s Do This!

Hi dolls!  After a much needed long break to explore the depths of my heart about “what’s next?,” I’m excited to announce that I’m back to blogging at this brand new virtual home! Thanks for stopping by today, I’m so excited to have you here to see what I’ve been working on behind the scenes the […] Read more…

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