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Paint A Pumpkin

This past weekend, Stephen and I walked around a really fun fall festival on a farm, and into their pumpkin barn looking at their selection. “I really want a white pumpkin,” I said. “White?” he questioned.  “Why?” “So I can paint gold polka dots on it… of course,” I answered so matter of factly.  Stephen […] Read more…


Chandeliers In Every Room.

My cousin was recently in town and as we were long overdue for some girl talk.  She plopped into my bed (as seen above) that I’ve always affectionately called my “clouds” for all the extra layers of fluff and she reveled in the comfort taking a deep breath.  After she got comfy, she looked up at […] Read more…


Polka Dot Walls

In our last house, I had an awesome gold and silver foil polka dot wallpaper in our guest bathroom, and I’m determined to bring polka dots back.  I’ve been debating whether to create a polka dot wall in our guestroom next. Our guestroom has been through a few makeovers over the years, from damask tempaper to plain […] Read more…


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