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Pink Decor For The Cure

Ok dolls, if there’s anything you know about me, or can gather from my site here, is that I’m a little quite obsessed with anything pink. And for me, October isn’t so much about Halloween as it is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness.  With breast cancer hitting close to home with my mom and her […] Read more…


Orange Is The New Black

One thing I miss about living in Nashville last year, is this time last year, we were witnessing all the trees change to beautiful hues of October orange.  Growing up in Florida, that was a big deal for me to experience for the first time the change of colors while living in Tennessee last Fall.  Now […] Read more…


You’re the Coco to my Chanel.

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with all things black and white and gold, partly because of my my subliminal crush on Coco Chanel and the stylish empire she created for herself, and partly because it just looks so fabulous and clean and crisp and timeless. I’ve been incorporating it more into my own home decor […] Read more…


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